Mounted Meditation

Equine assisted meditation & rebalancing

A different kind of riding! Facilitated by Centered Riding instructor, Leigh Webber.

An amazing opportunity to allow the movement of the horse to affect you on many levels. I have had several clients say, "I feel like I have just had a massage!" 

This extraordinary opportunity does not require riding experience. At the same time, riders really profit from sessions. It can take you to a new level of communication with your horse!  Our horses are safe, reliable and present; and can be ridden bareback or with a saddle.  You may ask, "Do I have to be mounted?" The answer is, no, there is much benefit to being in the presence of the horse!

I hope to see you soon at Joy Ranch in Phoenix or our summer location north of Prescott!
Accepting help on the journey.

Help on the journey.

Laying it all down...

Laying it all down.

Giving up control.

Giving up control.